A Page to Turn, 29 June 2017

(5 Stars)

“…it’s a short story, …[but] I felt that the characters’ mannerisms and behaviors were crafted well enough that I knew them much better than I would’ve expected. …Clearly, the author put a great deal of thought into this while writing it, tying the characters’ current circumstances in with past events, with religious factors… Those elements bring so much depth to the story, transforming it from a simple chain of events to an exercise in faith, almost a parable in some ways. It’s sure to leave you thinking long after you read it. …Even if it’s not your usual genre, it’s well worth giving it a chance.”

Vera’s Book Reviews and Stuff, 16 May 2017

(4 Stars)

…a totally satisfying short read. With writing which is refreshing and an original storyline, the reader’s captivated by the characters, story, and vivid descriptions. Webb added just enough mystery to keep the reader glued to the pages. …When I finished this short story I released a heartfelt sigh of pleasure. I highly recommend…

The Wood Between the Worlds, 11 May  2017

(5 stars)

…The Giant Secret is wonderfully told. The narrative voice is clear, fresh, and sparkling… The characters are deep and compelling…The historical details are perfectly integrated into the story. …[the] setting acts as a perfect backdrop for this mythical, heart-warming tale.

…It takes a skilled storyteller to be able to include religion in a book without coming off as either dismissive or preachy. But David Alan Webb does just this in The Giant Secret, and it’s beautiful (a word I keep coming back to in describing this book).

…Spend a few hours in turn of the century Appalachia. … and let yourself get swept up in a little mystery that turns into a bounteous gift. You’ll mourn, worry, and ultimately rejoice with Hans and Ava, and you’ll feel refreshed and enlivened at the end of the adventure.

…The Giant Secret: it’s a little book, but it’s one giant story.

Books in My Baggage (Author Interview), 30 April 2017

(No rating)

Among other things, the purpose of Books in My Baggage is “to encourage reading, most especially to children, teens and adolescents; and also for parents (young adults and adults), to include reading as one of the most important activities for their kids.” It is based in Manila. (“The Giant Secret” has many readers outside the US, especially in the Philippines.)

Soul Meets Books, 10 April 2017

(No rating)

Wow.  Just, wow.  …David’s writing is beautiful.  I felt like I was right there experiencing the heartbreak with Hans. …The love and strength Hans and Ava have blew my mind. …David has a way with words that makes the reader feel like you are a part of the story. …It was a quick read, but I highly recommend it.


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What Readers Say

I loved it…looking forward to more…

I love it, it was beautifully and brilliantly written.

This book was an absolute delight to read.


An amazing story! Loved it so much I read it twice!


Thank you so much! I loved it!

Beautifully written throughout and very compelling! I have no suggestions to offer for improvement, as it needs none.

You have the gift for flowing the scene from your mind to mine. You let me take my own eyes and look from left to right and breathe it in… When the author can get himself out of the way… the bond between reader and writer is now based on honesty and trust.  It is a beautiful thing.

I love the way you capture the gentleness and the sincerity between Hans and Ava.

It’s not just good writing, it is refreshingly “new” in the sense that you are creating a world where people model truly decent behavior and thought processes and truly want to do the right thing.

Fantastic story!! Thank you for this. Was hoping it would go on longer. 🙂