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  • Do you enjoy a well-crafted, beautifully written story?
  • One that is well-grounded in reality, but includes an air of mystery?
  • Do you appreciate getting to know characters that seem real?
  • A story where the writer does not intrude, but instead draws you into the story experience?

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What Readers Say About The Giant Secret (1899AD)

Beautifully written throughout and very compelling! I have no suggestions to offer for improvement, as it needs none.

You have the gift for flowing the scene from your mind to mine. You let me take my own eyes and look from left to right and breathe it in… When the author can get himself out of the way… the bond between reader and writer is now based on honesty and trust.  It is a beautiful thing.

I love the way you capture the gentleness and the sincerity between Hans and Ava.

It’s not just good writing, it is refreshingly “new” in the sense that you are creating a world where people model truly decent behavior and thought processes and truly want to do the right thing.

Fantastic story!! Thank you for this. Was hoping it would go on longer. 🙂

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About David Alan Webb

Over four decades ago at age fifteen (when he quit Advanced Composition after a major misunderstanding with the instructor), David committed himself to master writing English. He’s been working on it ever since.

As a young man, he studied Anglo-Saxon and ancient Greek in order to understand English better.  He loves languages of all kinds, especially because they let him “carry his thoughts in different containers.” He reads Spanish well, used to read Russian well, and has familiarized himself with others for fun and relaxation.

A diligent pursuer of truth, David is something of a mystic and has spent quality years in all three branches of Christianity in the West—Anabaptist, Reformed, and Catholic. He has also lived in several other countries, visited more, and generally has lived and worked among very different kinds of people in his own country.  This has made him into a sort of bridge—with compassionate understanding for the inhabitants of very different worlds.

It has taken him a long time to coordinate the two halves of his brain, but the result (although as yet incomplete) seems to him to be worth it. One half has worked jobs like information analyst and computer technician and chose Mathematics as a college major because this would be “easy and fun.” The other half grew up with a piano, has composed three CDs of instrumental music, and sang in various church settings for years.

David has always cared deeply about people—especially the weaker, smaller, and younger. In recent years, there seem to be more and more of the “younger” around everywhere, and in the last third of his life, he finds himself empathizing and identifying more and more with weak, wounded, hurting humanity.

Storymaking has been a lifelong ambition. With study and practice, David is learning how to organize an ocean of imagination into rivers of story.

He hopes to contribute something beautiful and good to the lives of his readers.


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